I've been locked out by SecuPress, yet I'm the main administrator. Why is that and how to unlock access to the admin of the site?

Why locked out ?

Depending on the active protections, different things may cause you to be locked out:
  • You exceeded the number of allowed incorrect login attempts.
  • You tried to login to the admin with an unknown email or username.
  • You wanted to test our blackhole and ... yes, it works.
  • You banned the country you're in.

How to unlock access

Thankfully, we've got you covered. A form should appear, in which you can type your email.
Once the form is submitted, you'll get an email with a special unlock link. Obviously, no email is sent if the email provided does not correspond to an admin user email.
Note: to avoid this problem, remember to whitelist your IP address in "Logs" => "IP Whitelist".