PasswordLess and "magic link"

The PasswordLess module

You have the possibility to activate a double authentication module "PasswordLess" to all users of your site, or according to their role.

The magic link

If you want all roles to be affected by this PasswordLess authentication method, this is the login form that will be displayed:

If you have selected only some roles, then the login form will look like this:

Since SecuPress version 2.2.2, ALL registered users can benefit from the magic link generation, even those for whom the PasswordLess option has not been made required.

Roles that are not affected by the PasswordLess requirement can choose to log in:

  • having a magic link sent,
  • or by using login / password by clicking on the link "Log in using a password", in this case the form retrieves the appropriate field.

If the user has the PasswordLess requirement, this login/password will not work, he will be notified.

If the user has chosen to have the magic link generated, he will be notified when the email containing the link is sent.

Send magic links to your users

Since version 2.2.2 of SecuPress, in the site administration interface, you can send magic links to your users. Useful, isn't it?

The little story

It is also thanks to the exchanges with our customers that SecuPress evolves, and we thank them for their suggestions!

You can read more about it on PasswordLess in SecuPress v2.2.2