Does SecuPress support custom login pages?

You have installed a plugin on your site that allows you to create a "member space", like "WP Member", "MemberPress" ..., or you use "Woocommerce": You have now a custom login page available on the front end, added by your plugin, which differs from the native WordPress login page.

These custom login forms, displayed in the "front-end", are "home-made" developments from your plugin: they cannot benefit from the settings brought by SecuPress.

  • No 2FA also named PasswordLess
  • No Captcha
  • No blocking of login attempts

Important concerning user logins

You need to consider these points in the SecuPress options settings:
  • Everyone can login through this page including administrators (all roles). Your SecuPress login protections like the 2FA are therefore rendered useless by using the custom login page.
  • If you use the SecuPress Captcha, it invalidates the native login form if not checked, but also the login form of your plugin because the captcha cannot be displayed on this page. Your users will not be able to log in even if they enter their login/password correctly. The Captcha option in SecuPress should be disabled.

Prevent admin logins through the custom login form

If you want to make the administrator login protection (2FA also called passwordLess) compatible with your member management plugin, it will be necessary to add some code in your installation to make sure that no administrator user can login through this custom login form.

This requires:

  • to know the plugin you are using,
  • check if your plugin provides this possibility,
  • if not, search if custom development for your situation is possible.
Contact the support for this service so that we can see the modalities together .