Add SecuPress configurations on Nginx server

If your web host uses a Nginx server: the nginx.conf file is not accessible to SecuPress.

When setting up some SecuPress modules and if the web server is running with Apache, the plugin automatically adds lines of code in a configuration file named ".htaccess" at the root of your site.

This file does not exist under Nginx, its " alternative " to add configurations is nginx.conf

Connect to your site via FTP and edit or create the nginx.conf file to add the lines mentioned like below.

Example of displaying the entries given by SecuPress: Disable Directory Listing.

exemple how SecuPress show code for nginx configuration

When you save a SecuPress module page, as long as the additions are not effective, you will accumulate, as a warning in the dashboard, the different lines of code to be added.

code for nginx configuration in warnings in back office

Please note:

On O2switch the servers are under Nginx, but offers an Apache overlay that allows you to have a ".htaccess" : easier and more comfortable isn't it!