General operation of scanners

Global scanner

SecuPress provides a Global Scanner to audit the security of your site.
It checks different key points per module:
  • Users & Login
  • Plugins & Themes
  • WordPress core
  • Sensitive data
  • Malware Scan
  • Firewall
Activating SecuPress first prompts you to scan your entire site. You will then get a score and the various points to improve. The correction of the points raised can be launched in an automated way.
Once these initial settings are in place, each module has specific settings via options that you can choose to enhance and customize the security of your site.

Malware scan

In the "Malware Scan" module, you have another specific scanner to search for malware in your server and database files.
This scanner lists files in your WordPress installation that have been modified, and others that you should pay attention to, some of them may be indicated by SecuPress as "possible virus found". Some malware are known on the web, we add them to our database to detect if they are on your site.

First time installation of SecuPress

When installing SecuPress for the first time, it is recommended to run a scan of the database and the files on your server in case malware are already in place.
NB: SecuPress does not manage the removing of files reported as potentially dangerous via this interface, it is up to you to retrieve them manually via FTP to check them and determine if they are false positives, if they need to be cleaned, or deleted.
If you are not comfortable with this kind of handling, you can contact support. Depending on the severity of the situation, it may be necessary to go through a "Virus Removal" service.

Site already protected by SecuPress

On a site where SecuPress has been installed and configured for a while, we advise you to run the malware scan regularly, even if you have set up the Important Events Alert module on your site.
If you are not comfortable with processing files for analysis, you can contact support.

Annotations associated with the files listed by the malware scanner

Modified WordPress core files

Button "See differences": allows you to see the differences between the content of the files on your server and those available on the WordPress repositories.

You can select everything and make a recovery of the modifications to be downloaded on your server, button "Recover selected files".

Files reported as "possible malware found"


By clicking on the triangle to the left of the file in question, you will get the information about the detected virus with keywords. It is up to you to decide whether it is really a malware or clean code whose keywords compete with a possible virus: a false positive.
If you are not comfortable with processing files for analysis, you can contact support.