Change the SecuPress Pro License

If you had the need to recover your license to use it on another site, and fill in the license of a new owner, to change your license, proceed like that:

  1. In the SecuPress dashboard, download your settings to import them into another site or use them as a backup.
  2. Click on "Deactivate the license". 

  3.  Different modules related to the Pro version will be deactivated, your previous settings are still saved.

  4. Fill again the 2 fields email and license to get the Pro version of SecuPress attached to the new key.

  5. Click on "Activate the license".

The settings previously present in the pro version will be reactivated.

If you had in place a double authentication: PasswordLess 2FA, you will receive a validation email that you will have to activate with the link provided.
NB: A license deactivation can also be done in your account. However, you will have to go back to the administration of the site in order to fill in the purchase email and the key to re-install the Pro version of SecuPress