How to login when you do not receive the login email (passwordless)

If you have activated the double authentication PasswordLess module, but you do not receive the email to connect or the link to connect does not work, you may be locked out of your site.

To bypass this security you will need a FTP access (this will legitimate your rights) to edit the wp-config.php file to add a constant, you'll have to delete it after:

  • Add this line near the top under <?php : define( 'SECUPRESS_ALLOW_LOGIN_ACCESS', true );
    • It is important to note that this line will also disable the functionality that allows you to move the login page to the administration
  • Then, visit the usual and native login page of WordPress /wp-login.php
  • Log in
  • Disable the double authentication module, see with your host why you do not receive an email.
  • Delete the constant line