Modify the attack limit for the Anti Brute Force module

 When the "Anti-Brute-Force" module in the "Firewall" tab is enabled, it bans IP addresses that make too many calls.

It is possible to change the limit from which the module banishes an IP address, this can be useful in some cases where your site loads a lot of content quickly and your users are banned.

To change the limit, you can use the following hook:

add_filter('secupress.plugin.bruteforce.maxhits', 'secupress_support_modify_hits_bruteforce', 10, 2);
function secupress_support_modify_hits_bruteforce($hits, $method) {
    switch ( $method ) {
        case 'GET':
            $hits = 9;
        case 'POST':
            $hits = 3;
            $hits = 5;
    return $hits;

The values displayed are the default values, i. e. we advise not to set a value more than twice the default value.