How to log in when I forgot my new slug name for the move login module

If you set a new login page name with the Move Login feature from the "Users & Logins" module, BUT you forgot that name, you may be locked out of your site.

Recover the url by email

When you enter the native connection url wp-login.php , if you have asked to keep a "Standard error message" or a "Custom error message", you will receive a SecuPress message of this type (see screenshot below), with the possibility to enter your administrator email address to receive a message to retrieve the forgotten url. Note that only a user with the "administrator" role is authorised to receive this email. If you have another role on the site, contact the administrator to help you.

Temporary deactivation of Move Login

Another way to work around forgetting the url you have chosen for the "MoveLogin" option is to temporarily deactivate this option.

To bypass this security you will need a FTP access (this will legitimate your rights) to edit the wp-config.php file to add a constant, you'll have to delete it after:

  • Add this line near the top under <?php


It is important to note that this line will also disable the functionality that allows double authentication, and Captcha if you have used it.

  • Then, visit the usual and native login page of WordPress /wp-login.php
  • Log in
  • Delete, rename, remind the page name
  • Delete the constant line