Install SecuPress Free and Pro

SecuPress Free

SecuPress Free is available on the official WordPress repository:

Like any plugin on the repository, you have 2 solutions to install it on your site:

Using the plugins page on your site

1• Visit the plugins page and search for "secupress".

You should have this screen:

2• Click now on "Install Now":

3• The bouton becomes "Activate", click it.

Using a FTP software

1• Download the plugin from the repository page by clicking on the "Download" button

Now you have a ZIP file.

2• Open your FTP software (I let you find a tutorial for you software) and once connected to the host of your website, go to:

/wp-content/plugins/ (the default value for WordPress)

3• Unzip the file in the plugins folder to match:


4• In the plugins page look for "SecuPress".

5• Click on "Activate"

SecuPress Pro

SecuPress Pro is available for purchase on SecuPress site:

Like any premium plugin, you have 2 solutions to install it on your site :

Using the plugins pages

1• Download the Pro plugin from your account on

You got a ZIP file.

2•  In the plugins page of your website click on "Upload Plugin"

3• Choose the SecuPress Pro ZIP fie and click on "Install Now"

4• Go back to the plugins page and click on the "Activate" link for SecuPress Pro

Using a FTP software

1• Read the step •1• above then read the same step in the previous section.