Anti SQLi scanner scan

The scan

This scan makes sure automated SQLi detection scans are blocked.

The fix

SecuPress will activate the « Block SQLi Scan Attempts » module in the « Firewall » section. This will prevent automated SQLi scanners to function properly.

What if the fix doesn't work ?

Open up the source code of your front page and check you do have a  <span> tag with style="display: none !important;" as an attribute at the bottom. This tag should contain a random string with repetitive patterns.

This string should change with each refresh of the page, if the page served isn't a cached version.

If the string doesn't change or if the tag cannot be found, even with caching disabled, the wp_footer() function may be missing in your theme's footer.php file. Just add the function call to the file. Using this function is required in any theme.

If it still doesn't work, please get in touch with our support team for a custom solution.